About Us

Intrepid Minerals acquires oil, gas and coal royalties, over-riding royalties and mineral interests.

More about us

Intrepid Minerals concentrates on the acquisition of oil, gas and coal properties within the United States. We acquire royalty, over-riding royalty and mineral interests in properties with a potential for growth and proven production history.

Intrepid Minerals strives to provide royalty owners the greatest value through its diligent engineering and acquisition process. We aim to make the entire process from start to finish go smoothly while answering any questions that may come up.

Integrity is crucial to us and it is our objective to deliver a fair and reasonable offer to royalty and mineral owners. We also thrive on our ability to conclude transactions very quickly.

Please contact our acquisitions team to learn more or fill out our “Request a bid” form online and a representative will get back to you.

Discretion and confidentiality are assured and there is no obligation.